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Are you struggling with a toxic work environment?
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The Toxic Workplace Survival Guide is here to help! This handy self-help book provides simple tips and techniques for managing stress and helping you find peace so you can live your best life.

"This guide can help you survive and thrive in any environment, no matter how bad it is.
With the right tools, you can overcome anything."

Sara Baker
About the Author

Sara Baker, Ed.D.

Author And Leadership Coach

Sara Baker is the author of The Toxic Workplace Survival Guide, which she wrote to help people find peace in difficult workplace situations.

Dr. Sara Baker is an authority on creating positive workplaces, and with over 20 years of experience in the field, she knows what it takes to stop stress and make a change. With this guide, you'll learn how to identify the sources of stress in your workplace, and how to change their negative effect on you. You'll also learn how to build a more positive work environment for yourself. Order your copy today and take back your power to create peace in your life!

In addition to her many years of hands-on experience, Dr. Sara Baker is also formally educated in the field of leadership. She holds a Doctorate (Ed.D) and Masters (M.S.) in Educational Leadership and has served as a Professor who taught graduate level college courses in Public School Law and the Principalship.

Her blog and online resources at The Leadership Reformation have helped over 15,000 people find insight into battling toxic workplaces and leading to create a positive workplace.


Sara J. Baker, Author

Whether your workplace is a little toxic or a lot toxic, you need to take steps to protect your physical, emotional and mental wellbeing.
You deserve to be healthy.

- Sara Baker

What's Inside?
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How to Stop Stress and Change Your Life

With advice on everything from setting boundaries to dealing with difficult coworkers, the Toxic Workplace Survival Guide will help you move past toxicity and into peaceful serenity.

You'll learn 15 tools to help you deal with difficult situations, plus use the reflection journal questions to create your very own personalized action plan, track your progress and keep tabs on your stress levels.